Roy Burroughs

Roy has spent the past 20+ years photographing the far reaches of the globe. His work has carried him to over 50 countries and on six continents, including the Himalayas, the Sahara, and the Jungles of Central America. Along the way, he has survived cobras, scorpions, typhoons, tuberculosis, emergency landings, and taxi rides in India.

But his work is not about adventure or getting the photo. It’s about telling stories that make a difference, that need to be told. Among them is a story about volunteer medical personnel working among the poorest of the poor, and a story on a humanitarian aid worker teaching a village how to grow food for their starving children.

Burroughs and his wife, Evelyn, live in Midlothian, Va. They are parents of three redheads, Josh, Ethan and Reese.